Shipwreck (2014)

Living Stilts’ first concept album is called Shipwreck and centres around a vessel’s sinking. On the album various voices impersonate the voyagers, their tragedies and their stories. Shipwreck is a highly varied concept album as regards feel and influences, one where prog is married to more crystalline and rock sounds. 


Shipwreck is a concept album of progressive rock matrix with solid roots in the '70s . The story tells of the sinking of a vessel and experiences, memories and hopes of its passengers. The introductory song, Shipwreck at dawn, describes the shipwreck. The three parts of A woman speak of vain expectations of a mother, a wife and a prostitute. in Vertical Memories a sailor, sinking into the darkness, recalling his youth and questions about the depth of the sea. Facing the winds of doom presents the captain, brave and crazy, in front of the storm. A journey into the light describes the doubts and contortions of a priest in front of the passage, while The Traveller speaks of the hopes of a passenger and A dicer's oath of the exploits of a murderess on the ship where he finds his fate. In Sirens peep mythological monsters that accompany death survivors. The disc closes with Death and the mercyful Gods where death and the gods compete for the souls of the dead. Shipwreck is a very organic concept where violins, guitars and keyboards along with male and female voices draw a forgotten tragedy in which epic and lyricism blend.


Collaborators on this album :

Vincent Spasaro -  Concept and storytelling

Maria Tomasello - Female voices 

Ben McGuire - Voice Over Actor on "A Journey into the Light" and English translation 


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